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We're All About Making Company Leaders More Effective



About Us

Led by CEO Hillary Burnette, Dynamic Virtual Solutions, LLC serves companies, business owners, and career professionals all over America. Leveraging the efficiency and immediacy of the various online technologies currently available, our virtual assistants help managers run companies by taking charge of daily official tasks.

This facilitates the smooth and seamless delivery of services and products by members of the rank and file. By doing away with the need to multitask and micromanage, leaders can now focus on top management responsibilities. 

Biography - Natasha Bias, CFO/Co-owner of the company

Natasha Bias Specializes in Analyzing Financial Reports , Cooperate Budgeting , Forecasting , Profit and Loss Reporting , Accounts payable processing , Accounts receivable collection. A strong Background in Corporate Financial Management . Payroll Management.

Natasha is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in both Finance and Human Resources with more than 25 years of progressive experience. She also has a high level of relevancy and adaptability to change. 

Our Mission

We are here to help you tackle your work week and make it work for you in the most efficient way possible.

Meet Hillary Burnette, CEO

Specializes in -Development of Human resources teams , Human resources Information system, Training in development, Recruitment , Employee Relations , Employee Benefits , Laws and compliance of Human resources , Organization and development.

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